"You're About To Learn How Being Intimidated Can Be Used To Your Competitive Advantage"

     Inside I’ll show you...
  • Why averting your eyes is the same as running away.
  • How to use high-level posture to get better results.
  • Why we nurture intimidation and change it  into depression.
  • How Problems are Excitement, and why this is not always good.
  • The 3 types of people in the world - and how they try to  intimidate you.
  • Where to get "Intimidation Insurance".
  • How to use someone else's own intimidation tactics against them.
  • How to make your attitude bulletproof -you stay calm in the heat of battle.
  • How to never need permission again.
  • The 7 best bluffs and how to spot them.
  • How to turn fears into valuable weapons.
  • How to leapfrog your adversary and take away all chances of his intimidation.
  • Why it is sometimes better to accept defeat and NOT to try harder.
  • How to admire someone and get admiration in return.
  • And you'll also get a FREE trial-subscription to our $97 e-Letter.
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Intimidation Strategy
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