Web-based Marketing Services


List Development

Our e-Mail Marketing Service creates industry-targeted lists and allows you to reach specific market niches. We empower you to take control of your own email marketing campaign, this allows you to grow your customer base and drive up web site visitors. We specialize in the development of consumer e-Mail addresses. The e-Mail addresses from WestCoastPop are effective in providing leads and sales for any online business. Our email deliverability rates are between 95%-99%. We set up, organize, and leverage your mailing list to boost your e-Mail marketing.

Mailing Lists
E-mail lists are intended to provide your business with a large potential target audience for use in marketing, sales or promotional activities. 

Lists can be refined to include only certain psychographic or demographic criteria. Targeting your list will allow you to reduce the list size and increase the chances of response. However, it will increase your cost per name depending on the particular "filters" you choose. It is also possible that you will not be able to get the specific filters or list size you desire.

Information Formatting

We combine your message, images, or brochure into a format that is easily delivered by e-Mail. Fees for direct mail lists include the design and formatting of your message, images, or brochure.  You will need to consider these costs when comparing your overall program costs with other providers (typically they DO NOT include design costs in their quotes).

E-mail lists are transmitted via the WestCoastPop e-Mail system, and our fees include this transmission cost.  Lists do not have a minimum size. Highly targeted lists vary in size based upon the parameters used. Costs per name and response results will reflect this availability and filtering.

It is also important to remember that list size should match up with the intent and goals of your mailing. If you are looking to contact consumers in a large demographic region and with very few filters, the list size may be very large and response may be lower. Please review your filtering and target audience needs to ensure that it is aligned with the target group you choose to reach.

We combine these sophisticated techniques into one all-inclusive product.


If you have any questions please contact us via our help desk link here.