"You're About To Learn How Being Intimidated Can Be Used To Your Competitive Advantage"

     Inside I’ll show you...
  • Why we nurture intimidation and change it  into depression.
  • Why characteristics of depression don't allow you to "Just snap out of it..."
  • Why depression is stronger than talent and education.
  • Why medication for stress can actually make it worse.
  • The 10 internal submissive strategies that lead to depression.
  • Why "Fight or Flight" stops us from the things we most desire.
  • Why helplessness is often involuntary.
  • Why disorders that don't help us have not yet been weeded out by evolution.
  • How to turn fears into valuable weapons.
  • How unfulfilled desire can fuel your drive to success.
  • When frustration is valuable feedback.
  • How mood disorders serve important evolutionary purposes.
  • Why it is sometimes better to accept defeat and NOT to try harder.
  • When to use submissive behavior to your advantage.
  • Where to find the intersection between pride and shame.
  • Why society needs both optimists AND pessimists.
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